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50 Romance Writing Prompts

For many writers, myself included, coming up with an idea for their next romance novel can be difficult. Looking for inspiration can feel like waiting for a lightning strike, but your story’s premise is out there waiting for you to find it.

Below are fifty romance writing prompts to get your creative juices flowing. They are generic enough to be starting points that you can flesh out and make your own, and each has potential conflict to inspire you and captivate your readers.

Character A is a hit man assigned to kill character B, but character A can't bring themself to carry out the job.

Character A regularly takes part in heists of expensive items. Character B is the owner of the latest target.

Character A is character B's bodyguard, but character B doesn't want a bodyguard.

Character A kidnaps character B.

Character A is tasked with solving a crime, and character B is a suspect.

Character A is a mental health professional, and character B is their client.

Character A has been charged with a crime. Character B is their defense attorney but secretly isn't sure if they are innocent.

Character A has a bad reputation. Character B is arranged to marry them but has never met them.

Character A and character B used to be best friends but had a falling out and haven't seen each other since. Now they are in the same place again, and an unexpected spark ignites between them.

Character A is a sex worker. Character B hires them but wants something more than a transaction.

Character A is a service worker (bartender, waiter, barista, cashier, etc.), and character B is the regular customer character A has a crush on.

Character A is a college professor, and character B is a student who needs extra help.

Character A is an office worker, and character B is their boss.

Character A is the best friend of character B's ex.

Character A is the younger sibling of character B's best friend.

Character A and character B are stepsiblings.

Character A is the leader of a criminal organization, and character B is the child of a rival leader.

Character A's wealthy relative just died, and they expect to inherit their fortune. Character B is the one who inherits it instead.

Character A and character B are exes who had a bad breakup. Now they have to work together.

Character A is a celebrity whose PR person has pressured them to go on a public date with character B in order to rehabilitate their image.

Character A's house is haunted, and character B is the medium tasked with getting the ghost to cross over.

Character A is part of a traveling carnival. Character B is the rich local who runs away with character A to the dismay of their family and friends.

On character A's wedding day, character B, their ex, makes a passionate declaration of love.

Character A is a supernatural creature (vampire, werewolf, fae, etc.) who only dates humans. Character B is the supernatural creature who is in love with character A.

Character A is a member of a dangerous group (cult, gang, etc.), and character B is tasked with forcibly removing them.

Character A is the last of their species (vampire, werewolf, fae, etc.), and character B is looking for them.

Character A is a master of their craft. Character B wants character A to be their mentor, but character A is reluctant.

Character A just moved in to a new place. Character B is the ghost who lives there.

Character A is a criminal informant, and character B is the member of law enforcement they report to.

Character A is undercover in a criminal organization, and character B is the criminal they fall for.

Character A is the human whose soul character B, a demon, is tasked with corrupting.

Character A is a private investigator, and character B is the client who's hired them to get dirt on a romantic partner.

Character A has a secret, and character B is threatening to reveal it unless character A does what they want.

Character A and character B are rival competitors on a reality TV show.

Character A is an artist or musician, and character B is their unknowing muse.

Character A is a royal in love with character B, a commoner.

Character A is wealthy, and character B is on a mission to become their sugar baby or kept partner.

Character A is a creator (artist, writer, etc.), and character B is the person they keep subconsciously depicting in their work but have never met.

Character A is a famous performer, and character B is a superfan who has been following them on tour.

Character A is a collector, and character B is searching for a magical object that character A might have come across.

Character A is a creator, and character B publicly trashed character A's latest project.

Character A is an anonymous creator, and character B is the person taking credit for their work.

Character A is a dark magician, and character B is their intended sacrifice.

Character A is the alien who has abducted character B.

Character A is the supernatural creature connected to the object character B has recently acquired.

Character A is an inanimate object or animal who has recently become human, and character B is their owner.

Character A is a psychic who is having disturbing visions about character B.

Character A is a superhero, and character B is the supervillain they must defeat.

Character A is a personal trainer, and character B is their out-of-shape client.

Character A and character B are set up on a blind date, but it turns out they've met before and don't like each other.

Do any of the above prompts inspire you? Do you use writing prompts to get ideas for your romance stories?

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