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Manuscript Evaluations

Manuscript evaluations are for authors who are looking for an overview of the state of their manuscript and what can be improved. They are especially helpful for those who aren’t sure what types of editing are needed or who know their manuscript needs further revision but aren’t sure which areas to focus on.

A manuscript evaluation is a PDF with overall comments and then three sections: story, mechanics, and marketability. In each of those sections, I offer examples and explanations of issues I noticed and suggestions for improvement.

I offer evaluations of partial and full manuscripts. Unlike with my editing services, payment is due in full up front for manuscript evaluations. Contact me at for estimated turnaround times.

Please refer to the following table for rates.

Partial: Up to first 30 pages double-spaced / 7,500 words$149* per evaluation
Full: Up to 240 pages double-spaced / 60,000 words$349* per evaluation
Full: Pages above 240$2* per page**

* All prices USD.

** Per page rate is for each page above 240 pages and in addition to the $349. So for example, a manuscript of 400 double-spaced pages / 100,000 words would be $349 plus $2 per 160 pages for a total of $669.